Esmart Reader

ESMART Reader allows our clients to administer accesses of the ACS directly from a workplace of the administrator. The reader is compatible to solutions of many leading manufacturers. The main feature is work with smartphones on BLE that allows owners of devices to take on IOS and Android all advantage of mobile access.

For secure access in offices, on parkings and in housing complexes the Tacs Contrating LLC developed technology of secure access of ESMART Access. It is implemented on the readers ESMART Reader and multifunction contactless identifiers from 100% by protection against cracking and counterfeit. Our development integrates functions of admissions, transport cards, programs of loyalty and electronic digital signatures on modern carriers

An Esmart Reader offered by TACS Contracting LLC allows you to get access to a facility just with the aid of your smartphone. Our offered Esmart Reader Solutions is compatible with Android and iOS for a convenient user experience. The user can even configure the activation distance by the hands-free mode also via the mobile app. Our offered range enables the user to avail a facility or get access to a door at a distance with the aid of Bluetooth Technology, as the phone transmits the identity of the user via Bluetooth. It not only saves a lot of time and effort but also minimizes the need for human interference at different levels.

The offered range is designed by our vendors following the norms set by the industry. We are highly competent to meet the growing market requirements with the utmost efficacy and timeliness to leave no room for complaints.

Being one of the leading providers of Esmart reader in UAE, TACS Contracting LLC has gained the best understanding of the needs of our customers. We always strive to make sure that the quality of our products is never compromised at any point of time. We make our products pass through high levels of stringent quality checks to ensure only the best products are delivered to our customers. We always ensure that our customers are optimally satisfied.

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