Hidden Gates

SpeedStiles combine elegant and sophisticated design with the best technology available and that means they are suitable for all areas where aesthetics, flow capacity reliability and uncompromised security are at the heart of the project. Our SpeedStiles provide high security and high capacity in a single solution effectively preventing unauthorised passage. We offer a choice of walkway widths to eliminate potential discriminations. Hiddengate is designed for only one person only at one time. More than one person would not be allowed at the same time. All operations on the equipment must be done by engineers only. If any failures comes with unauthorized people or non-technical personnel then it would not be our responsibility. Hiddengate should not be used in high magnetic fields and please Do not try to use the hiddengate in extreme water because it would not work with direct rain.

TACS CONTRACTING LLC offeres very stylish and elegant design Hiddengates, the fast track turnstile also gives the professional impact on the users eyes. Main body made by stainless steel and Wings made by transparrent materials. Impact resistance tests are very successful. Mechanical parts are resistant to corrosion. it has been successful passing many tests by our highly qualified engineers. At the time of leakage pass Security sensors starts buzzring. Speed ??gate turnstile opens automatically even if power cut Or, power failure is there. TACS CONTRACTING LLC have simple, easy to use systems to suit every Budget. With our clients in mind, we have a number of verities related to Hiddengate . We are always happy to talk through your requirement with you.

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