Turnstile System

Tripod turnstile gate are compact and cost-effective entrance solutions. The body is made of brushed stainless steel which is robust, rigid, anti-rust and durable. A turnstile (also known by turnpike, gateline, baffle gate, automated gate) is a kind of a gate which allows one object to pass at a time and if someone try to pass without permission then the security system starts alarming . It can also be made so as to enforce one-way human traffic and in addition it can restrict passage only to people who insert a coin, a ticket, a pass, or tocken. Access control Turnstile System runs automatically on pre-defined culuter installed by the engineers , usually on a one-o-one basis. Most Turnstile gates require low power to work, so can be installed with safe operating voltage. Turnstile systems can be programmed to access only specific security information or credentials, without human interfare.

Our Access control systems can be used in any location where there a need to regulate pedestrian or vehicle flow. There are several benefits and use cases for this type of access control and Building security is just one of them to install Turnstile System. For high-security premises, such as Metro Stations, Airports, Shopping Malls integrated turnstile gates can act as an extra security measure as well as a means of user's separation. Let turnstile access systems enable your business to take back control. Nowadays, our technology became more advanced so you must try our turnstile gate entry systems offered by TACS CONTRACTING LLC which gives you the high end security level. TACS CONTRACTING LLC have simple, easy to use systems to suit every Budget. With our clients in mind, we have a number of verities related to Turnstile System . We are always happy to talk through your requirement with you.

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