Automatic and manual Bollards

Provide perimeter protection whilst also adding contemporary style and elegance to the surrounding landscape. Bollards are available in a number of modern styles, with each bollard available in a variety of length, diameter and capacity options. Bollards are a Easy, costeffective way to ensure high level security for residential area, public and commercial properties, protecting against Unidentified Objects. Bollards can be automatically or manually operated. Manual bollard operates with a key and are an economical solution for installation on an existing road. If we talk aout Installing automatic bollards then it is more complicated as they need a power supply and they work on a hydraulic system.

TACS CONTRACTING LLC provides a comprehensive design, planning and installation and maintainence service, carried out by our experience, professional engineers. We also maintain and service existing bollards. We will provide you with a free, fixed-cost quotation for all repairs to automated and Manual Bollards in UAE. We also repair access control systems. TACS CONTRACTING LLC have simple, easy to use systems to suit every Budget. With our clients in mind, we have a number of verities related to Automatic and Manual Bollards . We are always happy to talk through your requirement with you.

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