Keypad Reader Access

Access control keypads are another method of entry. Instead of scanning an access card, you just need to punch a correct code on a numeric keypad. In order to get entry, you must enter in the correct passcode. Keypads are sometimes used instead sof card readers, and sometimes in conjunction with card readers

Tacs Contracting LLC has a variety of standalone digital keypad and other access control systems equipment to meet virtually any need. It's one thing to design and manufacture Locking Devices for door access and egress control, it's another thing to tie them all together with Physical Access Control components and systems to both protect people and assets while ensuring code compliance. Tacs Contracting LLC digital and card access control systems are engineered to provide real-world door control of a single opening up to various doors, from indoor and stand-alone applications, to outdoor and PC-based systems. All while ensuring fire and life safety code compliance along with superior expandability and flexibility in authorization identification, authentication, access approval, and accountability of entities through login credentials - including passwords and personal identification numbers.

A Keypad Reader Access is one of the most popular systems installed in a wide range of offices, labs, banks, warehouses, and much more to restrict the access of an area to authorized personnel only who enter a predefined code of entering that space. These are sometimes even used with card readers. In the case of card readers, the user must have the card physically, but when a code is supposed to be entered, then the user needs to remember the code only to get access to that area. The digital keypads offered by us are engineered with the aid of modern techniques in tune with the standards laid down by the industry.

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